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I am currently a CNRS Researcher (Postdoc) at the Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris, France), in Helene Morlon's lab, where I am working on phenotypic evolution (with a special focus on phenotypic integration).

Previously I had obtained a Doctorate in Evolutionary Biology (2010) and some post-doctoral experience at the University of Catania (Catania, Italy) under the guidance of my PhD advisor, Professor Venera Ferrito, and in the research group lead by Professor Concetta Tigano.
My doctoral thesis dealt with patterns of molecular and morphological variation at the Mediterranean scale in a small and common (at least in most of the Mediterranean Sea) fish species: Coris julis (Teleostei, Labridae).
Later, I did about four years of postdoc (under different positions and different funding schemes) in the Axel Meyer Lab at the University of Konstanz, working mainly on sympatric speciation of Nicaraguan cichlid fish.
This was followed by a second postdoc (2015-2017) at the Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia), in the Matt Phillips Lab, working on macroevolutionary topics such as the timing of evolution of Placental Mammals and Birds in relation to the Cretaceous/Paleogene transition.

My research interests are quite various. For personal reasons (my long-standing interest in fish as an hobbyist fishkeeper) I like working with fish but, apart from this, I get fascinated by various topics.
In general, I tend to be interested in the relationships between phenotype, genotype and environment.
I'm also broadly interested in the factors producing the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth.
I explore such relationships with various tools like the analysis of DNA sequences, environmental variables and geometric morphometrics.
In particular, my perspective tends often to be phenotype-centered and I have an enthusiastic interest in geometric morphometrics that goes well beyond its use as a simple tool in research.


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